This Small Town Was Abandoned… Until People Found Something Strange

No one can stay at one place forever. Whether it’s due to the charms, work, convenience or the life, everybody is moving to big cities.

While big cities are quite successful in tempting people to move and get a taste of the modern lifestyle and nightlife, small cities are attracting travelers only by their charm.Small towns are quite fascinating, each with its own long-lost story to be told. Anyone who has traveled across the country knows that these little hamlets are quite charming. Before you plan on packing your bags and embarking on a trip to any such hamlets, be aware because some of them hold very strange secrets.Let’s read about one such place.

Coober Pedy, is a small town in Australia that relies heavily on tourists to sustain its economy.

It may seem like your average outback town but it’s not

The town has a little secret that people hardly knew.

The only thing normal about it is that it lies in the middle of nowhere.

You would find interesting projects and other sights at the surface of the town.

But you won’t see many people at first.

That’s because living above the ground in the outback is impossible.

The reason being the sweltering temperatures of the Outback.
Hence people in this town mostly live underground.
Even churches are located below the surface.

Cool dining in the middle of all the hotness

A cozy cave bedroom.

Since the temperatures drop below freezing point and the lack of light makes the terrain dangerous…

…people stay inside in night too.
Such a uniqueness!

Due to such kind of homes, entire town looks like something out of a science fiction movie.

Well, that’s a bonus.
But the main reason why these homes are built like this is that it helps in keeping the internal temperature stable.
It’s amazingly beautiful in it’s own unique way.

But it’s not for the claustrophobics.

This incredible town is beyond imagination.

It looks so ordinary from the distance but is so beautiful from up close.


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